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A student is expected to attend ALL clock hours of the program. Missed clock hours have to be made-up within a specified schedule (coordinate make-up schedule with your instructor). The student is held responsible for all materials presented during the absence.


AEC does not deny admission or discriminate against students currently enrolled on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disabilities and area of origin, residence or sexual orientation from participating in any of the school's activities. AEC will reasonably accommodate applicants and students with disabilities to the extent required by applicable law.



Students are expected to follow this dress code as follows:


  1. Wear the school issued uniform every day for both the Theory and Practicum classes at American Empire College.

  2. Uniform must be solid black or solid white, with badge, and kept in neat and clean condition at the beginning of each class.

  3. Rigid adherence to the rules of sanitation, sterilization and personal hygiene is strictly enforced at all times.  Students not in compliance may be sent home or receive a first verbal warning.  After first warning, an advising report will be given.  By the third advising report, student may be subject to dismissal.

  4. If the weather is cool, a shirt may be worn under or a sweater over the uniform.

  5. Wear white or light-colored, comfortable, and clean shoes.  Shoes must be closed toe, closed heels, closed sides, and flat.  No high heels are allowed.  Students not in compliance may be sent home or receive a first verbal warning.  After first warning, an advising report will be given.  By the third advising report, student may be subject to dismissal.

  6. Finger nails must be kept short (no longer than the finger tip) and clean.  Absolutely no artificial nails are allowed. They are known to carry excessive amounts of bacteria and/or virus. Any student who arrives at practicum with artificial nails will be sent home immediately and will be marked absent for that day.

  7. The school ID badge on lanyard around neck or pinned to uniform left chest.

  8. No hats/beanies.

  9. Each student must do clean up and sanitation as assigned, stations must be kept clean, neat, and sanitary at all times.



It is the policy of American Empire College (AEC) to provide a safe and productive environment for all its students. The goal of this policy would be severely compromised by drug or alcohol abuse. AEC requires that every student be free of alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances. New applicants may be referred to an outside service for a physical exam and drug testing.


Any possession of controlled substances which would constitute a violation of California Health and Safety Code section 11350, any use of controlled substances, the possession of which is prohibited by the same or any possession or use of alcoholic beverages while on any property owned or used by the College. “Controlled substances,” as used in this section, include, but are not limited to the following drugs and narcotics: opiates, opium and opium derivatives, mescaline, hallucinogenic substances, peyote, marijuana, stimulants, depressants, cocaine.


As a matter of policy, American Empire College has adopted zero tolerance stance that prohibits the manufacturer and unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on its property and at any College activity.  Any violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary actions, up to and including expulsion, even for a first offense.  Where it is apparent that a violation of the law has occurred, the appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified.  In addition to institutional sanctions, students and employees convicted of the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol could face local, state and federal legal penalties which include fines, imprisonment and the seizure of drug related assets.

Drug use and alcohol abuse have harmed society through major health and safety problems and contributed to the deterioration of the nuclear family.  Drug awareness programs, counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and other related services are available on an ongoing basis to students and employees of this institution through:


L.A. Center for Alcohol and Drug

612 E. 4th St., Los Angeles

(213) 626-6411


So. CA Alcohol & Drug Program

11500 Paramount Blvd., Downey

(562) 923-4545


Say No to Drugs

10153½ Riverside Dr. #353, Toluca Lake

(323) 960-8860


Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

9800 La Cienega Blvd. #401, Inglewood

(800) 223-DARE


National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence , Inc. (NCADD)

(800) NCACALL (622-2255)


Students and employees seeking assistance in overcoming a drug or alcohol related problems are encouraged to contact these organizations.


This institution continues to make a good faith effort to provide a school and workplace free from the illicit use, possession, or distribution of drugs and alcohol.



The grievance procedure may be initiated by a student or group of students who reasonably believe he/she/they have been subjected to unjust action or denied rights that adversely affect his/her/their status, rights or privileges as a student. It is the responsibility of the student(s) to submit proof of alleged unfair or improper action.  If a student is found to be making false allegations, he or she could face disciplinary actions and possibly legal actions brought by the falsely accused party.

The programs offered at American Empire College are difficult and demanding programs. Students enrolled in these programs may sometimes experience problems. The school will make every effort to help resolve these problems when made aware of them. The following procedure is designed to assist students to resolve any problems they identify.

  1. First, discuss the problem with your instructor rather than with other students.

  2. Next, make an appointment to approach the Director of Academics if you and the instructor were unable to resolve the problem.

  3. If the problem is still not resolved, the student will make an appointment to discuss the matter with the School Director.

  4. A student (or any member of the public) with questions that have not been satisfactorily answered by the school or who would like to file a complaint about the school may contact:


California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC-for Massage Therapy Students)

One Capitol Mall, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95814

T: (916) 669-5336 · F: (916) 669-5337


Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)

1747 N. Market Blvd. Suite 225, Sacramento, CA 95834

T: (888) 370-7589 · F: (916) 263-1897

E-mail: · Web:

While it is suggested that students use American Empire College's internal grievance process first, it is not required and students may contact the Bureau at any time.  There are no guidelines for contacting the Bureau, students may contact the Bureau anytime and in any way they see fit.  Please refer to the Student Grievance Procedures section of the AEC Catalog for additional information.

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