This Massage Therapy program is designed to help students learn to become professional massage therapists. We provide a well-rounded education in an enriching environment with an integrated approach to health and wellness. We emphasize a holistic approach to education with a focus on personal as well as professional growth. The program will teach and enhance the therapist’s diverse range of massage techniques


After completion of this program, one becomes qualified for the California State Massage Council (CAMTC) Professional Massage Therapist Certification and is eligible to sit for the national board certification exam for massage therapy offered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

*Due to policy change by California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), starting July 1, 2016, CAMTC will only accept applications from the CAMTC approved schools. Currently, American Empire College’s Massage Therapy program is pending approval by CAMTC.



1. Entrance Exam (Wonderlic)

2. Driver's License or any government-issued identification and Social Security card

3. High school diploma or GED


Registration Fee - $50.00

Books/Handouts & Equipment - $300.00

Tuition Fee - $4,850.00


Mondays to Fridays

8:30 am - 5:30 pm

(including 30-minute prep time & 30-minute lunch break)



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American Empire College maintains strict standards of draping and modesty. No exposure of a person’s private genital region will be permitted.


Women are required to use a chest towel at all times and to keep the breast tissue covered.


Students are taught to drape with care, intention and regard for modesty and comfort and to always respect the rights of the person they are treating, be it a classmate or a client.



Pursuant to the California Business and Professions Code, Section 4611, it is an unfair business practice for a student or any person to do any of the following:


  • To hold himself or herself out to use the title of “certified massage therapist” or “certified massage practitioner” or any other term, such as “licensed”, “certified”, “CMT”, or “CMP”, in any manner whatsoever that implies or suggests that the person is certified as a massage therapist or massage practitioner, unless that person currently holds an active and valid certificate issued by the California Massage Therapy Council.

  • To falsely state or advertise or put out any sign or card or other device, or falsely represent to the public through any print or electronic media, that he or she or any other individual is licensed, certified or registered by a government agency as a massage therapist or massage practitioner.

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